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And now for something a little different….

If I created a list of all of the things I love, near the top of that list would be walking and learning. It is my interest in those two things that sparked my enthusiasm for creating and leading tours. I am always looking for new ways to reach more people who love walking and learning.

The business started with ghost tours, which is something to which I have always been drawn. Soon, I heard from people who wanted to walk with me, but were keen on supernatural tales, so I created the Holiday Lights tour. Then, I discovered people who really wanted to discover Milwaukee on foot, but wanted to do things at their own pace, so I created Walking Milwaukee. People seemed to like them, so I created a second set, but I kept hearing from people who would rather not fiddle around with cards, and wanted something digital. After a good deal of work, I partnered with VoiceMap to create a GPS-based audio tour of Downtown Milwaukee.

The content of the tour is similar to what you’d find in Walking Milwaukee, but with more detail. As you walk along the route, my voice will pop up at relevant locations to give you information about the buildings on the route. I recommend you take this tour in the daytime- especially if you enjoy poking around inside buildings. The tour is really affordable, at $2.99 a download, which makes it accessible to nearly everyone with a smart phone and curiosity about the city.

So, what’s next? I am not sure. What we offer is always changing, but what remains the same is that every activity is centered around the idea of having fun while walking and learning. Give our new product a try- let us know if you like it.


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