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Stray Change, or Something Else?

I don’t think it will surprise you to discover people contact me on a regular basis to ask me questions about the supernatural. If you have taken a tour of mine, you know my area of expertise is more in telling stories and weaving historical facts into often retold tales, but that does not stop people from inviting me to séances, asking me to participate in paranormal investigations and to field questions about otherworldly happenings. For the most part, I am not able to be helpful- I am not a medium and do not claim any psychic abilities, I am just a person who loves a great story and enjoys sharing them.

Recently, a skeptical, sensible friend of mine asked me what I knew about receiving spirit messages in the form of dimes. I let her know I was not familiar with this symbol or its meaning. She shared that for some time dimes have been showing up in unexpected places all over her home. She discovered one under a long unmoved storage container, another under a chair, then one on a windowsill. At first she dismissed them, but soon the appearance of dimes became hard to ignore. Suddenly, a dime appeared on top a freshly made bed and then next to a glass she was using on an otherwise empty table. She felt it was clear something was going on and she asked me to investigate.

I had never heard of this, but it fascinated me and I wanted to learn more, so off to the internet I went to discover how coins found in unexpected places might be an affirmation that someone on the other side is trying to reach you. It look me just a few mouse clicks realize that there is a strong belief in a connection between the spirit world and coins.

In all of the reading it seemed clear that coin leaving spirits were known to those finding coins. It is largely believed that the coins are left as a way to let those in this world know the spirit checking on them, essentially, an otherworldly calling card identifying the spirit has come to visit. If you are looking for evidence of a visit from a spirit in found coins, focus on pennies and dimes. Those who give credence to numerology cite the importance of the value of those coins. The number 10 is thought to represent the completion of a cycle or task. Similarly, pennies are symbolic of the number 1, which represents a start or new beginnings. Found dimes and pennies may be a message to those grieving that the spirit has completed the life cycle and has successfully moved into the spirit realm. The spirit may also let the living know it may be time to complete a cycle in this world. If you are considering a big more or a job change, found dimes may be the spirit’s encouragement to begin this new path. Overall, found coins are thought to be an expression of love and encouragement from the spirit world.

Until I was approached with this topic, “pennies from heaven” had an entirely different meaning to me. The phase has been adopted from the Bing Crosby classic and used as shorthand for this phenomena. Is this an example of finding meaning where there is none? I do not know. I do know there are people all over the world who truly believe and take comfort in these found coins of mysterious origin.

On a personal note, I fully expected to start noticing found coins when I began reading on this topic. I am highly suggestible, given to flights of fancy and, most of all, long to connect with a loved one who has passed. I was surprised when it didn’t happen, and also a little sad. While spirits are not trying to communicate with me through coins, my friend remains convinced the dimes found in her home have an otherworldly significance, but is unsure of the identity of the spirit trying to connect with her. I hope she continues to find coins and feel well-being with each new discovery.

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